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Paradise of Flight:

In Piedrahita there is a flight zone that is located along the rope that separates the Corneja and Tormes Valleys, and which is constituted, mainly, by two take-offs of complementary orientations north in Peña Negra (municipality of Santiago del Collado) and south in La Lastra del Cano, distant from each other 40 kms. by road (in a straight line 10 approx.), with the advantage of road access to the own takeoffs.

The area is ideal for distance flights, with clean slopes in winter and spring and high ceilings in summer and autumn, its great potential for large distance flights is supported by six national and current European records, both paragliding and wing -delta, all in a splendid landscape with the Massif Central de Gredos to the south and the Castellana Plateau to the north.

Piedrahita is the regional center, it has all kinds of hospitality infrastructure, a pleasant atmosphere and a good reception to our sport and its practitioners, having an International Flight Center (Phone 920/36 05 50). Throughout the season, it has a great flight atmosphere, with the presence of numerous athletes, either as regular pilots of the area or on the occasion of the competitions held here.

Walk, ride a bike, ride a horse … The whole area has numerous hiking trails (some approved) and unbeatable possibilities for practicing the bicycle in all its forms: roads, tracks, roads … from the flat to climbing. You can also do equestrian activities and fishing in the vicinity.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]